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Delivery Update - Chest Decompression Needles, Infusion Warmer & Patches
Published on May 18, 2023 by PhillC

A little while ago, we purchased some chest decompression needles, in partnership with Solidarity Collectives. These have now arrived and mostly been distributed. The needles were made available to soldiers and medics to replenish their first aid kits.

We also received photos from a medic working in the Donetsk region who received the blood transfusion warmer we supplied previously.

Recently we were also sent a photo from a supporter in Köln who purchased one of our Black Flag Medical patches from the Black Mosquito website. Looks great!

Our plan is always to keep supplying new medical equipment and emergency essentials. We hear from our friends and contacts what's needed, and then do our best to supply it. Your support is always appreciated.