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Open Collective
Open Collective Foundation Dissolution
Published on March 8, 2024 by the people's eva

Greetings BQL Supporters!
I have some unfortunate news. We are losing our fiscal host, Open Collective Foundation. You can read more in depth about what that means here, but the quick and dirty of it all is that they are the ones whose bank account held our actual funds after they were donated and before they were received, to make your friendly neighborhood BQL admin's taxes and liability much less complicated. They also maintained financial records for us and conferred tax-exempt status to your donations due to their being a 501(c)(3) organization.

What this means for you all is that we will only be able to receive your donations until March 15th. After that, we have until September to spend the funds you generously donated to us.

This was only communicated to us last week, giving us less than three weeks to act. We are currently actively searching for replacements. I have already been in touch with two potential fiscal hosts and am reaching out to others as we speak. My hope is that we can get another host in place prior to March 15th (ideally one that also can work with Open Collective directly), but given how soon that is, it may not happen. If that is the case, your recurring donations to us will be canceled after March 15th. 

When we know more, I will let y'all know. Thanks once again for your support-we truly could not run BlackQueerLife without it!

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