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Release Notes: v5.0.0 to v5.0.3
Published on June 19, 2019 by Kartik Visweswaran

Version 5.0.3

Date: 12-May-2019

(enh #1409): Correct the sequence of raise of filechunksuccess event.

(enh #1400): Enhance image auto orientation for zoom images when thumbnail is hidden.

(enh #1399): Enhance Krajee Explorer themes for better image preview.

(enh #1398): Resumable uploads enhancements (only when enableResumableUpload is true):

(enh #1398): Resumable uploads enhancements (only when enableResumableUpload is true):

  • Add new properties to fileActionSettings:
  1. indicatorPaused
  2. indicatorPausedTitle
  • Enhance pause and resume behavior by showing appropriate indicators on the file thumbnails
  • Add resume method and enhance pause method for resumable uploads
  • Remove upload button from individual thumbnails and ability to upload selective single file for resumable uploads.

(enh #1397): Correct uploadParamNames to include all parameters.

Version 5.0.2

Date: 18-Apr-2019

(enh #1394): New error message properties (updates to locales).

  • msgProgressError
  • msgDeleteError
  • msgUploadError (modification)

(enh #1393): Standardize error alert formats for ajax deletes.

(enh #1136): Allow proper retry of error uploads based on retryErrorUploads setting.

Better management of console log messages.

(bug #1391): Correct resumable upload progress update behavior when showPreview is false.

(bug #1390): Correct remove button display validation set via fileActionSettings.

(bug #1385): Correct resize image error.

(bug #1383): Validate for undefined zoom data.

Version 5.0.1

Date: 26-Mar-2019

(enh #1382): Better defaults for resumableUploadOptions.chunkSize and progressDelay.

  • Set defaults for progressDelay to 0 and resumableUploadOptions.chunkSize to 2048 KB i.e. (2 MB)

(bug #1381): Fix uploadExtraData to be submitted correctly with ajax responses.

(enh #1379): Add ability to sanitize zoom cache. New property sanitizeZoomCache which is a function callback and defaults to:

  • function(content) {
  • var $container = $(document.createElement('div')).append(content);
  • $container.find('input,select,.file-thumbnail-footer').remove();
  • return $container.html();
  • }

(enh #276): Add ability to change ajax submission URL dynamically e.g. uploadUrl, deleteUrl, resumableUploadOptions.testUrl.

  • These can now be also setup as a function callback that will be executed at runtime.

Version 5.0.0


Date: 24-Mar-2019

(enh #1378): Allow throttling / delaying xhr progress updates.

  • New property uploadProgressDelay in microseconds - will default to 100 - this will control how frequent the xhr upload progress will be checked. If set to null or 0 - will do it every microsecond.
  • New property maxAjaxThreads (will default to 5) that will allow to spawn only this limit of ajax requests in parallel.
  • The above is complemented by resumableUploadOptions['maxThreads'] (defaults to 4) which is applicable for spawning number of ajax chunk requests for resumable uploads. The resumableUploadOptions['maxThreads'] property must be less than or equal to maxThreads - else it will be over-ridden by maxThreads global setting.

(enh #1377): Display extended upload statistics like bitrate and pending time.

  • add layoutTemplates['stats'] for displaying stats
  • layoutTemplates.stats = '<div class="text-info file-upload-stats">' +
  • '<span class="pending-time">{pendingTime}</span> ' +
  • '<span class="upload-speed">{uploadSpeed}</span>' +
  • '</div>';
  • token {stats} will be replaced with above
  • by default '{stats}' will be appended at the end of layoutTemplates['progress']
  • display pending time remaining and upload speed within stats
  • enhance xhr progress to support updating stats

(enh #1374): Allow exif data of images to be read from server.

  • initialPreviewConfig sent from the server can contain the exif property as an object.
  • allows auto orientation of JPEG image files based on exif orientation
  • autoOrientImageInitial is a new boolean property that controls whether images need to be auto-oriented based on exif orientation.

(enh #1373): Selectively disable file selection and preview for certain file extensions.

  • allowedPreviewTypes (existing)
  • allowedPreviewMimeTypes (existing)
  • allowedPreviewExtensions (new)
  • disabledPreviewTypes (new)
  • disabledPreviewExtensions (new) - defaults to ['msi', 'exe', 'com', 'zip', 'rar', 'app', 'vb', 'scr']
  • disabledPreviewMimeTypes (new) - defaults to ['application/octet-stream']

(enh #1370): Add ability for pausing and resuming uploads

(enh #1368): Better enhanced file management and queuing.

  • New fileManager and resumableManager internal objects.
  • filestack property has been removed
  • addToFileStack and updateFileStack methods have been removed

(enh #1321): Add ability to define separate thumbnail and zoom images / file data.

(enh #1264#1145): Allow configurable file actions as a callback.

  • The showXXX properties in fileActionSettings ca3n now be setup as a callback.
  • Can read any property from the initialPreviewConfig for initial preview thumbnails

(enh #1249#290): Add capability for resumable and chunk uploads.

  • New properties enableResumableUpload and resumableUploadOptions