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Bridgespace Commons


We provide working and meeting space for different groups of people working on various social artistic and ecological endeavors. We hope to create bridges between communities who are doing amazing things and want to meet others and have space to expand


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Bridgespace Commons is a 10,000 square foot building with office and warehouse space in SE Portland. We want to be able to maintain and offer this space to a variety of groups of people who are working on social, artistic or ecological endeavors. 
We believe people need space to connect to each other, find groups they feel they can belong to and find something meaningful to work on.
Some of the activities currently happening or groups using   the space are: 
  • Meetings and trainings for non profit organizations like City Repair
  • Working meetings on developing community land trusts
  • Mutual aid group storing dry goods and having space to build stuff
  • Permaculture trainings
  • Participatory Arts co-op
  • Co-working space for individuals working for various non profits.

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