Open Collective
Open Collective
February Update
Published on March 2, 2021 by BCMA SG

Hello friends of Bull City Mutual Aid!

Thank you once again for your monetary contribution and support. Our fund continues to support neighbors directly throughout Durham county. We appreciate you staying engaged. We will continue to send out updates each month about our general fund and any specific projects we have going on.

This February, a total of $785 was contributed via our one-time contributions and we received $790 from our monthly, recurring contributions. Together, we supported several neighbors with rent to stay housed with funds received through our Open Collective page.

In addition, you have contributed $3,726 to the Stimulus Redistribution project so far! We are in the process of partnering with several mutual aid partners who support our neighbors, primarily those who are undocumented. If you have an organization in mind, please send their name our way. We plan to run this project for any future stimulus payments, so we would love as many avenues to support our partners as possible.

Please check out the “events” section of our Open Collective page to find outdoor, distanced community events, like community gardening and Really Really Free Market. You can also stay updated with what’s going on with BCMA through our monthly newsletter- subscribe by clicking here. As always, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions or thoughts!

In solidarity,

Bull City Mutual Aid