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Support us to add custom archive type


Posted on February 8, 2021

I am using buttercup plugin for my app, I need few customization on this like, I should able to create archive and vault and add that to my cloud instead of using google drive or dropbox. I am not able to debug any library files.
I could able to addSource, but unlocking source fails. 
Please support us, below are the lines which we could not understand clearly and also please tell us how to add us our own archive type.

What it does ?
export interface VaultSourceUnlockOptions {
    initialiseRemote?: boolean;
    loadOfflineCopy?: boolean;
    storeOfflineCopy?: boolean;

return vaultManager.interruptAutoUpdate(() =>
                    .then(() => source.unlock(rawCredentials, { initialiseRemote: create }))
                    .then(() => vaultManager.dehydrateSource(source))

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