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CapRover v1.0.0
Published on January 20, 2019 by Kasra Bigdeli

CapRover v1.0.0 Released!

After one year of CaptainDuckDuck and millions of downloads from DockerHub, CaptainDuckDuck graduated and got renamed to CapRover. With a ton of new things:


  • One Click Rollback
  • Improved build logs on webview.
  • Improved downtime between deploys
  • Allowing Dockerfile to be referenced in captain-definition (#113)
  • Ability to reference imageName inside captain-definition directly when you want o deploy an already built image from DockerHub.
  • Easy to copy and paste environmental variables UI: (#256)
  • Added a separate one-click repository which can be updated continuously - built based on docker compose (
  • Ability to simply copy and paste a Dockerfile and captain-definition files on web dashboard.
  • Improved cluster support by adding ability to turn on/off the registry, have multiple private registries, change default registry.
  • Web dashboard UI improvements.

Dev work:

  • Backend rewrite in TypeScript.
  • Frontend rewrite in TypeScript via React +
  • CLI rewrite in TypeScript
  • Updated Certbot (Let's Encrypt)