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Open Collective
Celery 5.4.0 Released
Published on April 17, 2024 by Tomer Nosrati

Celery v5.4.0 and v5.3.x have consistently focused on enhancing the overall QA, both internally and externally. This effort led to the new pytest-celery v1.0.0 release, developed concurrently with v5.3.0 & v5.4.0.

This release introduces two significant QA enhancements:

  • Smoke Tests: A new layer of automatic tests has been added to Celery's standard CI. These tests are designed to handle production scenarios and complex conditions efficiently. While new contributions will not be halted due to the lack of smoke tests, we will request smoke tests for advanced changes where appropriate.
  • Standalone Bug Report Script: The new pytest-celery plugin now allows for encapsulating a complete Celery dockerized setup within a single pytest script. Incorporating these into new bug reports will enable us to reproduce reported bugs deterministically, potentially speeding up the resolution process.

For the complete list of changes visit:
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