Join or Create an Open Collective Chapter

What is an Open Collective Chapter?

An Open Collective Chapter is a regional or topical version of Open Collective. For example, we have Open Collective Paris that is dedicated to foster an ecosystem of open collectives in Paris. We also have the Open Source Collective that enables open collectives for open source communities all around the world.

What's the difference with an Open Collective Host?

A host is an independent organization that is also hosting open collectives. For example, Women Who Code is a non profit based in the US that uses Open Collective to enable its 70+ chapters around the world to have their own collective without having to worry about creating and maintaining their own independent legal entity.

Why join an Open Collective Chapter?

When creating an open collective, you can decide to host it yourself or to join an existing host. An Open Collective Chapter is an official host that is dedicated to a particular region or topic. By being hosted by such a host, you benefit from being part of a community of like-minded people that are developing collectives that are close to you. They will be able to help you much more by offering services that are useful to your community.

Why create an Open Collective Chapter?

  • Develop your network in the region or industry of your choosing
  • Become a key resource person to develop the ecosystem in your community
  • Be the go-to person for large sponsors and institutions who want to support financially the ecosystem as a whole
  • Be part of a global initiative to create a new generation of association transparent by design
  • Surround yourself with people who don't complain about the state of the world, surround yourself with people who do something about it
  • Make a positive impact, inspire people in your community to pursue their projects, help them be successful and have fun

If you are interested, apply here to create an Open Collective Chapter

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