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Chicago Community Jail Support Update
Published on March 11, 2024 by E
Dearest Friends of Chicago Community Jail Support, Thank you so much for being a part of the incredible network of solidarity offering safety, comfort and support to our neighbors being released from Cook County Jail these past four years....
Help Us Sustain The Work!
Published on March 7, 2021 by E
It’s been a challenging winter for Chicago Community Jail Support, but we’re proud to say that we were able to show up every single day for those released from Cook County Jail and their loved ones. The massive outpouring of solidarity from...
We purchased a van!
Published on January 30, 2021 by Donald Lyons
Thanks to your generosity, we followed our van proposal and purchased the van above! This really helps our winter operations, and makes our daily setup and breakdown much easier and more efficient.
Winter Wheels
Published on December 21, 2020 by E
Chicago Community Jail Support is looking to buy a vehicle to make the operation sustainable during the winter months. Below we have established the need, use and parameters of this vehicle. Purchase Budget: $5,000...
What is Petty Cash used for?
Published on December 20, 2020 by E
If you’re checking out our budget (please check out our budget!) you’ll see that one of our more frequent reimbursements is petty cash for the tent. In the interest of being as transparent as humanly possible about our operations I’d like t...
Mission Statement and Thank You!
Published on December 15, 2020 by Donald Lyons
Hello, Thanks everyone for finding us on here. We're hoping to take advantage of OpenCollective's easy reimbursement tools and transparent accounting as we continue to receive support from our community. All contributions are dearly appreci...
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