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Matthieu Henkens

Posted on November 16, 2020

Hello all,

Here are a few thoughts to turn the Citizen Bike Garden into a genuine running bike garage on the long term!

Would be good to have your thoughts and feedback hereunder and/or during a meeting soon (this week?)

Booking of space in the CBG:
- I would suggest to offer it for free until we have a permanent solution with the Commune, a kind of 0€ untill 4th of Jan and 5€/month later on. This has the advantage to attract people, get early feedback + I think that there was a close somewhere  that we could not benefit financialy from the CBG. Not that we are, but it removes one potential topic of discussion.
- Technically: can it be done through opencollective? I would think yes :)
- Do we give priority to people living on our street or do we do go for a first come, first serve system?
- @Xavier&Leen: did you want to move some of the bikes currently in your garage to the CBG?

1st communicate in the whatsapp group of CBG.
- 2d a Facebook post in the group Bienfaiteurs
- 3rd should we do a flyer? I don't know if that helped in the last intiatives.

Also, i suggest we start gathering signatures. The more, the better so that we have ton of support to show during our meeting with the Commune later in Decembre. Should we also launch a petition online?

I drafted a small petition and a flyer in the communication/storytelling file on the drive, please give feedback a.o. on the Ducth version. :)

Xavier Damman

Posted on November 16, 2020

Can you link to that flyer?
Maybe we should have a google form to keep track of the requests? (which could also be an opportunity to run a survey to know how much they would be willing to pay, if they can help us with the commune, etc.)

Yes we should start getting reservations for the spots available and also start a waiting list. I know that many people in the apartment building where Lisanne lives would be interested. Priority should be given to the people in the street. And yes, we probably want to get some of the bikes that are in our garage as well because it is already overcapacity and it has become difficult to get our cargo bike in and out. Can you ask Raphael who lives under you if he is ok to leave his bike in the CBG?

Matthieu Henkens

Posted on November 16, 2020

What we need to know is how many spots are to be reserved for bikes going from your garage to the CBG. Up to you to decide which ones and take contact.

Both files I drafted are here:

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