Open Collective
Open Collective

Bienfaiteurs - regular bike

We can welcome a few bikes in our garage. Price per bike.

We will share the code with you to enter the garage.
Please also consider making a one time donation to our collective to contribute to cost for all the bicycle racks and hooks (€10-€30 a piece).

Note that we are not in the business of renting garage space for bicycle. We don’t have an insurance for this nor any alarm nor security guard so we cannot take the responsibility if your bike gets damaged of stolen. If one of you wants a higher level of security, please feel free to take the lead on securing a proper insurance or security system, the community wilde grateful :-)

Our own bikes are there so we ask everyone to ask responsibly. 


6 individuals have contributed to this goal

Join us in contributing to this tier!

Laurence Lejeune

Bienfaiteurs - regular bike

€450 EUR

Fernandez rap...

Bienfaiteurs Solidarity Price

€265 EUR

Julien Gordenne

Bienfaiteurs - regular bike

€240 EUR

Matthieu Henkens

Bienfaiteurs - regular bike

€165 EUR


Bienfaiteurs - regular bike

€135 EUR

Arne Vanhoywe...

Bienfaiteurs - regular bike

€15 EUR

€30 EUR / mo. raised


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