Open Collective
Open Collective

Get more leads

Unlock contact forms on all your listing pages.

If you work at a for-profit entity, you can add lead generation forms to all your project pages on the Civic Tech Field Guide for $49.99 / year.

With lead gen forms, visitors to your project page(s) can get in touch with you directly as they're learning about your work.

The forms include reCAPTCHA spam protection, and visitors' messages are sent directly to the email address of your choosing. You can see an example here.

Why bother? Our directory is used by some 30,000 unique visitors per month. They're people searching for solutions and services like yours.

Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Note that you do not need to pay any additional fee to OpenCollective to unlock this offer.




Open Collective
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