Open Collective
Open Collective
Spring Update
Published on April 23, 2021 by Daniel Gonzalez

The good news: we've made it through the winter in once piece!

The bad news: It was expensive!

Thanks everyone for their support during these cold winter months. Since our last update we've opened a free clothes distribution (which runs at the same time as the food distro), expanded pre-order service to accommodate members of the community who are unable to wait in line all day, and have taken plenty of steps, both large and small, to expand our support to the community. Now it's Spring and the community still has plenty of needs that we're working hard to meet. 

During the cold, winter months and a spike in coronavirus cases we've been forced to reach deep into our financial reserves in order to keep providing the support that the community expects of us. Now it is warming up outside and we're seeing more and more people at each distribution. We're making a push for donations in order to help sustain us through the Spring. Please share the Open Collective page and give whatever you can. Any little bit helps!