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Better float window support for v0.0.80
Published on November 9, 2020 by 启明 赵

  • Border and title on both vim and neovim, like new action menu:

Type number to select or use j k G to navigate and <CR> for confirm, use <esc> to cancel.Works on latest vim and neovim >= 0.4.3

  • New input prompt on neovim >= 0.4.0 avoid the need to move your eyes.

  • Functions for scroll float window and popups, checkout :h coc#float#has_scroll(), new functions have improved for:
  • Works on both vim and neovim.
  • Works on both insert and normal mode.
  • Scroll all scrollable float windows/popups at the same time.
  • Works with wrapped buffer.
  • Configuration signature.floatMaxWidth changed to signature.maxWindowWidth with detault 80.
  • Create diaglog support (only neovim >= 0.4.0 or vim >= 8.2.0750)

Use vim's api like: call coc#float#create_dialog(['你好', 'vim'], #{close: 0, title: 'hello world', buttons: ['yes', 'no']})

Or use window.showDiaglog(config)

  •  Improve calculation of float window/popup config by use strdisplaywidth function.
  •  Use float window for prompt confirm on neovim.

  •  Support dialog for multiple selection.

  •  Notifications support. (not done yet)
  •  Progress float window/popup support. (not done yet)
  • Rework highlight for float windows/popups, no more background neovim and unnecessary charactors.

Check out :h coc-dialog in your vim for detail.