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Providing digital services, advice, and products to regenerative networks and organisations.


Since 2015 many hands, minds and hearts from all across the globe have been cultivating a virtual community garden where practitioners of permaculture could align online in a spirit of experimentation and collaboration.

Shortly afterwards, Digital Circle formed to investigate "digital" aspects of "doing permaculture together".
This has provided a vital contribution toward learning how we can use web systems to collaborate across the planet, and this new "space" is also very generative, with many creative ways to use and respond to changes.
Tech innovations make possible many new opportunities for designing trans-local social permaculture systems which support us in meeting our land-based permaculture aims.

The Digital Circle aims to work in various dimensions to connect local efforts into collaboration for global impact.

The circle has become a commons for folx both technical-minded and those simply curious and engaged.
From this circle, micro-enterprises have and are forming, such as:
  • supporting the development of blended international convergences
  • researching ethical platforms and apps
  • providing cloud storage and office software that is open-source and powered by renewables
  • consulting with organizations seeking to integrate permaculture ethics into web systems
  • building generative relationships with other organizations in the tech-for-good ecosystem
We look forward to co-creating value with you in this dynamic time!

Information for Financial Contributors
Our fiscal sponsor, Stichting Reculture Foundation, will receive 5% of the donations to Digital Circle.
This will be deducted from the amount you choose to contribute.
Thank you for supporting us and the wider permaculture community!

Our team

Aimee Fenech

project manager for Digital Circle

Ewan Findley

Ethical tech advocate

Mario Yanez

Core Contributor

Naomi Joy Smith

I was Community Lead of Digital Circle for 2020...


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Nextcloud hosting and set up services

we provide Nextcloud services to individuals and small teams

Translation Circle

We are a small team of translators providing services to permaculture and allied organisations

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Marketing and Tech Support

We are a two person team providing marketing and tech support

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miro seats

we provide a miro seat for individuals who need it on a share cost basis

Event Based Economy

to design and catalyse an event-based economy for the Permaculture CoLab and our broader social e...

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Graphic Design Services

we offer services for creation of visual identity, digital media & illustrations

Wordpress hosting and set up services

We are a small three person team supporting permaculture teams and organisations to set up their ...

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CoLab Digital Circle is hosting the following events.


MAPATHON: Mapping Hackathon 2021

04:00 PM UTC
Join this 24-hour Synergy Mapping Hackathon to explore these and other questions with other mappe...Read more
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Stichting Reculture Foundation

19.75585k EUR since Jun 2021

Capacity+ Project

6.7k EUR since Jun 2020

Permaculture Association

2.75k EUR since Apr 2020

The Schumacher Institute

1.6k EUR since Apr 2020

Community Climate Champions/ iACT

240 EUR since Feb 2021

Croatian Permaculture

90 EUR since Apr 2020

Permacultura Mediterránea

90 EUR since Sep 2020


Philipp Grunewald

100 EUR since Mar 2020

A. Keala Young

78 EUR since Jun 2020

Aimee Fenech

60 EUR since Apr 2020

Gregorio Luiz Gomez

36 EUR since Jun 2020

Paulo de Carvalho

29 EUR since Jan 2021

CoLab Digital Circle is all of us

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Philipp Grune...


€100 EUR

A. Keala Young


€78 EUR

Aimee Fenech


€60 EUR

project manager for Digital Circle

Ewan Findley

Ethical tech advocate

Mario Yanez

Core Contributor

Naomi Joy Smith

I was Community Lead of Digital Circle for 2020...

Stichting Rec...

€19,756 EUR

Capacity+ Pro...

€6,700 EUR

DAF Tech Support

Permaculture ...

€2,750 EUR

The Schumache...

€1,600 EUR

Community Cli...

Nextcloud subscription (ann...

€240 EUR


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News from CoLab Digital Circle

Updates on our activities and progress.

EUPC 2021

The Digital Circle is proud to be providing tech services and support to the EUPC 2021 team.
Read more
Published on July 12, 2021 by Aimee Fenech

Nextcloud Service update

Hello World! This is the first customer support update being sent out to Digital Circle Nextcloud Services users... there has been a lot going on in the background in order to make your nextcloud experience a better one...but first Technica...
Read more
Published on March 1, 2021 by Aimee Fenech

Cloud server migration completed!

Over the course of this week our Nextcloud services were temporarily suspended while we migrated our server hosting to migration went smoothly, in large part thanks to Ew...
Read more
Published on September 10, 2020 by Naomi Joy Smith


Let’s get the discussion going! This is a space for the community to converse, ask questions, say thank you, and get things done together.

Capacity+ Funds moved into Digital Circle budget

Published on July 9, 2020 by Naomi Joy Smith

You might notice a couple of recent payments from Capacity+ for £1,000 and £200 respectively. These are made available through the following...

Who are our Contributors?

Published on April 22, 2020 by Naomi Joy Smith

Anyone can be a financial contributor by choosing to make, or pledge, a donation. Individuals, Organizations & Collectives who contribute code gets listed as a Code Contribut...


Transparent and open finances.

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