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Wild Eco Weekend Retreat | North Lincolnshire | April 2022

We are hosting a wild eco weekend retreat based in North Lincolnshire at the Slow Circular Earth HQ

Friday, April 22, 2022, 6:00 PM - Sunday, April 24, 2022, 10:00 AM (UTC+01:00)
Fiscal Host: Slow Circular Earth


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Published on January 12, 2022 by Amie Alissa Watson


Welcome to our 2nd Wild Eco Weekend Retreat!!  Being held in honour of World Earth Day 2022. 
I am Amie and I run the social enterprise Slow Circular Earth UK in North Lincolnshire educating women on environmental issues, raising awareness for climate change and living a sustainable life. We are running a wild eco weekend retreat based in North Lincolnshire. 
We will be having a wild camp out in our wild eco garden!! Join us for an eco adventure here at Slow Circular Earth HQ.  You can bring your own tent or stay in ours provide and bring your own sleeping bags/beds etc.  There is a small amount of room for car camping style vehicles, to be discussed prior to event booking please. 
Hopefully we are able to accommodate 15 of you lovely people.  The weekend will include the following as part of your stay: 
* forage, 
* make wine, 
* learn how to build using pallets, 
* lesson in rain water harvesting, 
* clothing repairs, 
* litter picking, 
* rag rug making, 
* fabric wreaths, 
* bit of permaculture, 
* walking/hike 
* readings from my completed book maybe an exclusive presentation launch!! Perhaps you may even feature in the next book I am writing around the eco mindset journey that I am on!!!?!!! 
* vegetarian/vegan/fregan meals to be enjoyed too! 
* wild survival skills 
* fire lighting and fire pit fun 
* meditation/yoga 
* healing coaching 
* vision board 
* and we are very open to other options based on who attends 
Whatever happens it will be fun and filled with lots of laughter and holistic eco healing. Perhaps you may find yourself on your own eco mindset journey following this weekend retreat. 
There are small fees to cover for food, village hall and workshop resources.  We will have a limit on how many people can take part - maximum total of 30.  We believe we provide a fun filled weekend for a small amount of money as we think it is important to engage people in living more sustainable lives, learning by example and this is the most important part of our work as a non-profit organisation. 
Wild Eco Weekend Retreat | Full Paying Guest (Low Income) - £50 
Wild Eco Weekend Retreat | Full Paying Guest - £75
Wild Eco Weekend Retreat | Full Paying Guest plus Donation - £100 
Wild Eco Weekend Retreat | Full Paying Guest and Corporate Sponsor - £150 
We will be camping, ideally as long as the weather is okay.  We have a number of tents available and I know some of you may plan to bring your own tents.   We have a back up plan for seriously bad weather but hopefully we wont need that plan activated! 
You can arrive from 4pm on Friday 22nd April and we will put the tents up together.  We have access to 2/3 toilets close by and a shower over the weekend.  We will have our DIY IBC Tank Hot Tub up and running, so if you would like to go in it bring appropriate costume/towel. 
We will provide everything you will need for the workshops.  As a suggestion you will need the following: 
* towel 
* tent (or sort sharing one) 
* sleeping bag/pillow 
* camping bed/mattress (we have some that can be borrowed on site) 
* torch/light 
* walking boots/trainers and good socks 
* fleece/warm hooded tops 
* Swimming costume/bikini (for use in hot tub) 
If I think of anything else I will post on the Whatsapp page.  You can join here: 
Can you inform me of any dietary needs prior to the event.  We are catering as freegan's with vegetarian and vegan meals being made as part of the retreat.  The Friday night meal will be prepared and ready for when you arrive - likely a veggie chilli and jacket potatoes.  We will be getting our food as surplus food via FareShare and Olio scheme and you can find out more about this during your time here. Teas/coffees/fruit tea etc will all be available here with a selection of plant based milks. 
All the activities we will be doing will mean that we will be leaving no trace and this goes the same for the campsite.  We have a firepit and tripod on site for cooking and can use the facilities at the village hall for this too.  
I am so looking forward to welcoming you all and can't wait to experience our second retreat with you lovely wild women!! 

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