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Queer Climate Justice at Creating Change 2023 has been archived.

Queer Climate Justice at Creating Change 2023 has been archived and is no longer active.

Queer Climate Justice at Creating Change 2023


Support LGBTQ+ organizers attend the Queer Climate Justice training and the rest of the 2023 Creating Change Conference.

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Creating Change is the nation’s foremost political, leadership, and skills-building conference for the LGBTQ movement. This year, Out for Sustainability is teaming up with Movement Generation to organize a first-of-its-kind Day-Long Institute on “Queer Climate Justice” at the conference, representing a significant step towards climate justice organizing within the national LGBTQ+ movement.

By donating to this fund, you help us expand this support to bring frontline LGBTQ+ communities to this first-of-its-kind training.

Thanks to a grant from the Borealis Foundation, we are able to support LGBTQ+ organizers from Puerto Rico attend this Queer Climate Justice training and the rest of the Creating Change Conference. We have received a lot of excitement and interest in attending, and so we are now turning to you to expand this fund to bring organizers from Puerto Rico. With your donations we will support 10 LGBTQ+ community leaders from PR attend this conference!

Our intention is to invest in frontline organizers by providing a unique climate justice training curriculum, creating a platform for peer-to-peer exchange of lessons-learned from recent disaster experiences, and fostering opportunity for translocal network-building. Finally, we hope through this Encuentro to emphasize to the LGBTQ+ Task Force the importance of long-term dedication towards climate and environmental justice as essential components of the future of the LGBTQ+ movement.

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We anticipate that the full cost of bringing someone from Puerto Rico to San Francisco for five nights for this conference is around $1,300. This is based on an estimated $400 for the flight, $450 for housing, $150 for food, $185 for discounted registration, and $115 for local transportation and miscellaneous reimbursements.


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