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New expense transparency page for collectives

Xavier Damman

Posted on February 18, 2020

I met with Liam from XR IST (International Support Team) last week in Brussels. One thing that they would love to see on Open Collective is the ability to take a snapshot of a collective for a given time range and see how they spent the money during that time.

For context, XR IST give grants to different XR chapters for a given period of time. So they need to be able to see how they spent the money between e.g. September and December 2019.

The current /expenses page (e.g. doesn't give a good overview:

As a first step, maybe we can change the subtitle "All expenses" to "All expenses from XX/XX/XXXX till YY/YY/YYYY" where the user can change the date values (default values being "creation date", "today"). We should reuse the date component that we use for the export CSV on the /transactions page:

This would filter the list of expenses and the breakdown per category and recipient. It would also be great to show the breakdown as a pie chart with all the categories in the right column.

  • Does it still make sense to show "Available balance" if the time range is different than "all times"? Maybe we show instead the available balance at the beginning and at the end of the selected time range? (with the difference)
  • Maybe we should show the total amount spent for that time range

Stretch goal
It would be cool to have a /transparency page that would give a quick human readable overview of the budget of any given collective. An histogram with the breakdown per expense category would be very useful:

Being able to interactively select the month and/or time range would be neat to get a sense of how spendings evolve over time:
Likewise, offering some visibility on the revenue would be quite useful with a break down between one time and recurring donations and donations from individuals or organizations.

Next steps:
  • Come up with a wireframe and budget estimate
  • Get Liam and/or others from XR IST to confirm that this would be helpful to them
  • Find funding for it

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