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Bitfocus Companion v2.1.1
Published on November 28, 2020 by William Viker

Release Notes


  • RossTalk Listener: Companion can now listen to incoming RossTalk messages on Port 7788. Easily press Companion buttons from your Ross video switcher!
  • Added internal action to change button text


  • Add function check for module destroy (#1128)
  • Admin interface would crash after a few days (#567)
  • Fix Quote Glyph Alignments
  • Internal Instance: fix exception for null exec path
  • Streamdeck Library patch
  • Bug fix for multiple up on latching buttons


  • Audiostrom Live Professor
  • Birddog VISCA Camera Control
  • DataVideo VISCA Camera Control
  • Denon Recorder
  • Elgato Keylight/Ringlight
  • Kramer VP773A
  • Mode Lighting EDIN
  • NETIO PowerBOX
  • Newtek NDI Studio Monitor
  • Open Weather REST
  • Panasonic TV TH-Series
  • Roland M5000 Audio Console
  • Ross Video Caprica
  • Tech Ministry Tally Arbiter
  • TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug
  • Ubiquiti Unifi


  • AJA Ki Pro: Feedback support for transport states, support to load clips by list of clips, various bug fixes/improvements
  • Allen & Heath DLive: added support for iLive models
  • ATEN Matrix: documentation updated
  • Audivero Unity Intercom: bug fixes
  • Behringer X32: Various improvements to fader levels
  • Behringer xAir: Support for relative fader actions; adds solo bus actions, feedbacks, and variables; Adds presets
  • Blackmagic ATEM: Added support for latest models, new connection protocol, supersource relative changes, in-transition feedback, Mini Pro Record and Stream control, audio input controls
  • Blackmagic HyperDeck: cleanup and bug fixes
  • Blackmagic SmartView: Bug fixes
  • Chamsys MagicQ UDP: bug fixes
  • Denon DN500BD MKII: documentation fix
  • Digico OSC: Add models and different commands
  • Disguise: Added variables, presets, and feedbacks
  • Extron SMP351: Bug fixes and cleanup
  • Figure 53 QLab Advance: reduce log spam
  • For-A HVS: Adds support for variables
  • Generic PJLink: change commands to upper case
  • Generic TCP/UDP: Fixed to pre-encode send buffer
  • Generic Wake On Lan: Destination option added
  • GlobalCache ITAC IR: Regex fix for IR codes
  • GrassValley AMP: Recording clip support; bug fixes; feedbacks,
  • H2R Graphics: Add missing commands, bug fixes
  • HaiVision ConnectDVR: Bug fixes
  • HomeAssistant Server: bug fixes
  • James Holt X32TC: Support for latest X32TC 2.11 release; adds spare backup commands
  • Lyntec RPC Breaker: Logging cleanup
  • Magewell Ultrastream: Bug fix for authorization errors
  • OBS Studio: Trigger Hotkey action, Bug fixes
  • Novastar Controller: added support for NovaProUHDJr, VX4S presets
  • piXap piXtimer Pro: Added adjust speaker timer time
  • Planning Center Services Live: Bug fix to show correct Plan sort order
  • PTZ Optics VISCA: Added power option, Focus lock/unlock, bug fixes
  • Renewed Vision ProPresenter: Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Roku TV: Bug fixes and better error handling
  • Roland V60HD: Bug fix for Split button function
  • Ross Video RossTalk: allow for bus selection in KeyTrans command; support for MEM command
  • Singular Live Studio: Bug fixes, switch to using API URL/tokens, time controller node support
  • Shure Wireless: Bug fixes and improvements
  • Sonos Speakers: Bug fixes
  • Sony VISCA: Increased preset count support
  • StudioCoast vMix: Bug fixes; New presets, feedbacks, and variables
  • Tech Ministry MIDI Relay: support for dummy midi port in list selection
  • Teradek VidiU: bug fixes
  • TheLightingController: documentation update
  • VICREO Hotkey: added extra action for keynote
  • VideoLan VLC: Playlist shuffle option, variables and feedback
  • Vivitek Projector: Added alternate shutter command
  • Vizio Smartcast: bug fixes
  • Yamaha SCP: Adds Surr/Div commands
  • YouTube Live: Documentation updated, bug fixes

If you missed the huge v2.1.0 release, reading the release notes is recommended!

Thank you all for contributing to the project! ❤️