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open call for CIPress feedback | curriculum veritas | update 2021

Jason Brown

Posted on March 13, 2021

Cook Islands Press refounder Jason Brown is seeking public input into updating his version of curriculum vitae, a #curriculumveritas.

Last updated in 2015, the 2021 CV hopes to gain feedback on Brown's journalism reputation, or lack there-of.

This open call will be shared on the site's Facebook page.

This profile ensures that @cookislandspress Facebook readers see #opennewsroom approaches linked back to actual outcome mechanisms via @opencollective-assisted capacity reconstruction.

.. in between computers saying "nah" here at CIPress HQ 

praise, feedback, memories, observations but especially criticism of a journalism career, as part of an editorial operation to review, reset, and relaunch an old print title. Criticism especially will enable potential colleagues, funders and/or partners to see whether (or not) the refounder career meets any kind of generally accepted definition of a "fit and proper" news person. 

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