Thanks everyone! Welcome to the co-op.
Published on May 21, 2021 by Kawaii Punk

Thank you all for signing up to be a member of version 2.0 of Cooperation Birmingham. We do apologise for the lack of communication recently, it's been a really tough time for us all.

Here's some updates for what has been going on:

A new media co-op for Birmingham

There are plans to setup a new media workers co-op in Birmingham to address the shockingly inadequate media landscape here. We're inspired by projects such as The Bristol Cable and Novara Media amongst many others.

Here is the forum thread where the decision was made:

Here's some more information. It's a bit short notice now but there's an event happening tomorrow (2021/05/22) where a few folks will be starting to come up with some ideas of plans of what the media co-op will look. A good name would be a start :)

We'll post any conclusions on the forum for folks that can't make it tomorrow. Feel free to reach out if you want to be involved. There will be a dedicate email address soon.

Co-op Brum AGM

We held a very successful annual general meeting with many folks attending. We presented and then later passed on the forum, a bunch of different proposals. You can read all of them below.

Solidarity Cafe

There was a motion passed to setup a solidarity cafe to continue some of the work of the Solidarity Kitchen in a more sustainable way:

There's been a lot of discussion about how that cafe relate to the overall aims and principles of Co-op Brum. We'd really love your input on all this and it appears it may be the the now called Sol Cafe may be splitting away from Co-op Brum :/