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The Cooperation Town End of Year Fundraiser
Published on September 22, 2020 by Shiri Shalmy

The Cooperation Town end of year fundraiser is here!

We achieved so much in 2020, but the current crisis is far from over. There is still so much more to do.

We are now calling on our brilliant community of friends and supporters to help us support a community-led food co-op on every street, in every town!

Please contribute to our End of Year Fundraiser or even better, set up a regular donation, so that we can continue to help as many local groups as possible to build their own food co-ops and support their communities in these difficult times - and beyond!

A regular or a one-off donation will help pay towards creating and distributing resources, organising training, helping with logistics, providing seed funding to new groups and covering basic overheads and running costs. It will also help us access bigger pots of funding, from trusts and foundations, which means that a small contribution will go much further. 

A regular donation, over one year, will help us to do the following:

- £10 a month - an organisers training session for new co-ops

- £25 a month - translation of resources to one community language 

- £50 a month - Print and distribute a second edition of our Starter Pack 

- £100 a month - seed funding for 12 new community co-ops a year

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