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Open Collective
Happy New Year!
Published on January 8, 2024 by Hollie D

2023 was a great year! Thanks to your continued support we were able to make some significant progress at Flat Rock. 

  • This spring we finished our composting bays and are still accepting compostable waste from members and community partners. 
  • This summer we started our pollinator trail that wraps around the property, connecting our front farm lot and back composting area. This winter we will overseed with a native wildflower mix. 
  • This fall we were able to purchase a shipping container, reducing our recurring overhead costs, allowing us to better use our donated funds. With this shipping container we have started a tool library for members to access. 
  • This year we were able to get a water meter installed and look forward to getting our water turned on.

In 2024 we look forward to continued work at Flat Rock developing our Composting Collective, our Indigenous Farm and our Tool Library. Your sustained support will allow us to complete these projects and continue our mission of repairing our relationship with the land.

In addition to in-person Flat Rock work days, we hope that you will join us for our virtual events such as the Popular Education and Organizational Education reading groups, Strategic Planning meetings, and Council meetings. 

  • Our Popular Education and Organizational Education readings group will happen virtually and are for those looking to get a deeper understanding of Social Ecology and other relevant theories that guides our work
  • Our Strategic Planning meetings are for general members and are designed to brainstorm on ways to expand our organization through events like First Fridays in downtown Tulsa, and federation through local partner organizations
  • Our Council Meetings are for council members and are designed to hear back from members and vote on organizational proposals. Become a council member to assist with important organizational work

Please look forward to increased communications from us this year.
  • Daily - Join Discord for links to our virtual meeting links and event reminders
  • Weekly - Follow us on Facebook and X to see highlights of our progress
  • Monthly -  Participate in our monthly member feedback surveys in our email newsletter
  • Quarterly - Receive membership benefits and updates

Again, thank you so much for your support and we look forward to another year of progress!