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What happened in March?
Published on April 6, 2023 by Lucie Anglade


This month, a lot of versions have been released πŸŽ‰!

WeasyPrint v58.1 fixes bookmarks coordinates and vertical positioning for absolute replaced elements.

CairoSVG 2.7.0 has been released. This version contains a security fix and so external resources are now available only on unsafe mode ⚠️.

cairocffi v1.5.0 fixes write_to_png on hardened systems and now cairocffi uses pyproject.toml for its packaging.

Pyphen 0.14.0 has also been released. Now Path objects are stored in LANGUAGES instead of strings.

And the last release of this month is pydyf v0.6.0 which improves PDF objects compression and reduces the size of the generated PDFs. These improvements have been possible thanks to the financial support of Code & Co. and more will soon be released in WeasyPrint!

March wasn’t just about releases. We also published a new CSS Tricks about the box-decoration-break property πŸ“–.

That’s all for this month!

Thanks for supporting us πŸ’œ

The CourtBouillon team 🍲