What happened in October?
Published on November 1, 2021 by Lucie Anglade


This month, both cairocffi and pydyf got a release 🎉.
cairocffi v1.3.0 drops Python 3.6 support and fixes some bugs.
pydyf v0.1.2 fixes some characters escaping issues on strings.

We’re still working on issue #36. It’s quite harder than we thought, but progress have been done, specially about tables 🧗.

That’s it for the code part.

We published part 3 and part 4 of our serie of articles about Python packaging. Enjoy the reading 📖!

Also, this month was our first year anniversary as CourtBouillon 🎂. We’re very proud and pleased about what we managed to do during this year, and we hope you’re also happy!
For this occasion, we made a rewind of what happened during this year. Thanks a lot for supporting us 💜.

And to finish, we wanted to inform you that we’ll take part to the Open Publishing Fest on November. We can (virtually) meet on November 18 ☺️!
Don’t hesitate to have a look at the full calendar of the Fest, there are some cool talks scheduled.

That’s all for October!

Thanks for supporting us 💜

The CourtBouillon team 🍲