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What happened in October?
Published on October 27, 2022 by Lucie Anglade


Since October 12th, CourtBouillon is now 2 years old πŸŽ‰!

For the occasion, we published a new article. In it, you’ll find:
* a rewind of what happened during the past year from technical and financial points of view,
* the answers of the survey we opened last month to know about your expectations,
* some nice statistic,
* and what you can expect for the coming year.

Have a nice reading πŸ€“!

During this month, some versions have been released 😱.
* pydyf v0.4.0 and v0.5.0,
* tinycss2 v1.2.0 and v1.2.1.


WeasyPrint v57.0 has been finally released too πŸŽ‰!
This version of WeasyPrint brings some nice new features and improvements:
* PDF/UA generation,
* variable fonts support,
* better footnotes support with multicolumn layouts,
* and many bug fixes.

If you want to know more about this release, you can read the related article.

We also published a new CSS Tricks article, this episode is about leader()!

That’s all for this month!

Thanks for supporting us πŸ’œ

The CourtBouillon team 🍲