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Crow v1.0 Released!!
Published on March 29, 2022 by Farook Al-Sammarraie

Crow had just had its Launch with version 1.0.

This version, aside from being the first non pre-release version, adds, fixes, and improves massively on all aspects of the Framework.
From Flask style Blueprints, Proper install and CMake support, route specific middleware, to the new HTTP parser, This release is the biggest and most impactful one we've done to date, whether it's under the hood or developer facing.

The full changelog and the download options are available here.
This version will also be available on AUR, VCPKG, and Conan Center.

I cannot begin to state how proud and thankful I am for how far this project and its community has come, and how much support people were willing to give.
A HUGE Thank you to everyone who donated their time, skill, and money to see this project grow. You made this project possible!