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Crow's May Plans
Published on May 1, 2022 by Farook Al-Sammarraie

Crow's v1.0 release has been quite a success. It has gotten more and more people interested, which is something we couldn't be happier about.
The feedback was enough to occupy most of last month, ending with the most stable release of v1.0+2, which irons out most if not all of the problems people reported while using v1.0.

For this month the plan is to slowly move forward with new features. And as much as I would like to address issues like asynchronous / non blocking routes, or removing boost as a dependency, due to personal matters I don't believe I can address these issues myself this month. (anyone who wants to tackle these issues is welcome to, I can provide assistance on how Crow works and where things go, as well as code reviews and feedback)
Instead the plan is to review and hopefully merge the PRs made by @dranikpg, and also improve websockets (which indirectly paves the way for Crow to support other types of connections like HTTP/2).

And to everyone who contributed their time, money, or provided feedback and reported bugs, your help is unbelievably impactful and is very much appreciated. Thank you!