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Crypto Commons Gathering 2023

August 26th - September 1st

The Crypto Commons Gathering is back with its 3rd edition!

Building on the success of the last two years, the Crypto Commons Association calls on commoners of all trades to flock to the Austrian Alps, one hour south of Vienna, to spend one week at the Commons Hub and debate the role of the Commons in Blockchain and beyond.

Despite this long bear market, the crypto space is evolving at the usual outstanding speed and demands us to take a breath and make sense of what’s going on: what are the lessons we can learn from the last year of experimentations in funding public goods through Gitcoin, Giveth, Future Quest, Breadchain, DaoDrops, Metacrisis? What about the burgeoning ReFi ecosystem and all those projects quietly buidling behind the scene? How do we want to engage with the AI craze, and can the blockchain make this new flood of tools more democratic and generative? What about Data Unions, DeSci, UBI, post-blockchain, economic media, liberating structures and the social challenge of promoting plurality and diversity in the space? 

Most importantly of all, are we doing our best to empower commoners and communities on the ground? 

Join us and a curated group of professionals and projects that are spearheading the discussion on Commons on the blokchain, bring your unique perspective and experience, become part of our growing Commoners movement! 

THEMES AND STRUCTURE of the gathering:

  • AUG 26th  -  Arrivals and Contextualization 
  • AUG 27th  -  Regenerative Finance #ReFi 
  • AUG 28th  -  Collaborative Finance #CoFi
  • AUG 29th  -  Public Goods Funding
  • AUG 30th  -  On-Chain Governance 
  • AUG 31st  -  Coordi-Nations!
  • SEPT 1st  -  Wrap up and Departures
Read more about each day's theme on our website.

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