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Loading free storage increased to 1GB to help remote workers
Published on March 26, 2020 by Ludovic Dubost

Hi Contributors,

We have increased the free storage on the instance to 1GB (instead of 50MB) in order to help users struggling while working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis. In particular, we hear of teachers needing online tools to continue interacting with their students.

Since the lock-downs in multiple countries last week (Italy, France, Germany) we have seen a very sharp increase of activity on the CryptPad servers (45k pads per day from 10k pads). Our team has been working hard to improve our server software so that it can cope with the load. We knew we would have to do it eventually, but did not expect the need to arrive so soon.

While we would prefer to see CryptPad grow without a major health crisis, it does show that there is a high demand for Privacy Enhanced Technologies. In the current spike of remote working and online collaboration, we are glad to be able to contribute a private alternative to the major platforms.

We want to thank all our contributors who donate on Open Collective and subscribe to paid plans on, and of course our funders from the European Community (NLNET PET, NGI Trust). These funds are allowing us to increase our free storage and also to fund the R&D required to continue to improve CryptPad for the benefit of all its users.

This month will our greatest revenue yet from subscriptions and donations, reaching 2kEuros of subscriptions (1,5k) and donations (500 Euros). We are very grateful for this support which is very important to allow long term sustainability of the project without external funding.

Thank you, stay safe 

Ludovic, for the CryptPad Team