Open Collective
Open Collective
Notes for meeting on 2022-09-17
Published on September 17, 2022 by Michal Stopyra


  • Things are planned (and semi in motion)
    • Oracle free tier plan


  • Entire rework of the Jade idea
    • Will use .nu scripts as modules
    •  Distro-agnostic
  • This will be a fairly large undertaking, and we'll make sure it's ready before we ship it


  • We're adopting Catppuccin Mocha as our default colour scheme
    • Generally a pleasant pastel theme
  • More defined branding guidelines in a PR
    • Helps blogs and publications frame our assets better

Amethyst v4.0.0

  • Absolutely fantastic
  • Huge rework with a plethora of new features
  • Generally very positive reception
  • Amethyst v4.1.0 has features planned already!


  • First-boot "tour" style app
    •  Will handle things such as customizing your default installation (e.g. installing extra packages)


  • Potentially fork updates extension
    • Add custom logo
  • Potentially use an `ame checkupdates` command to match checkupdates output but also for AUR packages


  • We've shipped and deployed our new site !!! (It looks fantastic)


  • A bunch of awesome planned features
  • In-place reinstall keeping users and user data as well as installed packages
    • From a jade-gui config too potentially
  • Distributed as a potential squashfs image
  • Simple libadwaita tool 


  • Plymouth theme is planned!

Crystal Stickers

  • Stickers for pre 22.05 contributors have been shipped out !!!
  • Potential further stickers might come to contributors before the 22.11 milestone
  • Bug/testing bounty stickers..?


  • We've had our first donation!
    •  Huge thanks to Flora for our first donation of $20.00 !