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Future Goals

Roman Antonov

Posted on March 18, 2021

πŸš€Featured package #1
Draw experiment application (Normal/TimeStamp/Native) - Native Touch Plugin
Safari browser touchmove events are extremely slow. With this task, will investigated ability to increase speed and make transaction smoother for all touch events in hybrid applications. By passing move events from native touch instead of browser clientX/clientY and will be created cordova plugin/bridge to next usage with panes together.
Chevron-up draggable
Will be created new feature for draggable element, which is available from Apple 14 release. Draggable element change angles with touch move events.
"Blurish" presenting with slide gesture
Apple like style of present search bar from home page
Apple Music F7
Will be created Apple Music clone as progressive application with F7 and Cupertino Panes.

🎩Featured package #2
Docs engine
A. Will explored and decided the best docs engine or frameworks that we can use.
Docsify, Docusaurus, Swiper, F7, Netlify, Gatsby, HUGO, DO, GH pages
B. Will created detailed docs for Cupertino-Panes api and usages.
Visual pane creator
Will created visual pane creator, that will allow to users to configure panes and settings for future usage.
Materials (glass/metal/blur)
Different material simulations will be created to find new UX experiences.

πŸ’ŽFeatured package #3
Z-angle deviationΒ 
Will be realized ui designer idea to make panes touchable with angle by z-dimension.
Rectangular pane ability will be created the same like in safari video in minimized mode
Arwes UI collaboration
Panes with arwes UI
Left-Right side panes
Will created ability to present panes from right and left sides
iPad slideover
Will be implemented iPad slide-overs for progressive applications

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