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Open Collective
Staying connected: Mad scientists cultivating a new Internet together
Published on May 4, 2023 by Nina Breznik

We have some exciting news to share. With the help of a grant from the Code for Science and Society, the Dat-ecosystem was able to consolidate its efforts and renew its commitment to the Dat vision. Like a flourishing garden of innovation and creativity, we have not just one main, but many thriving projects. It's a grand adventure, and this time it's a call to all Mad Scientists to lead the charge together with their keyboards firmly in their hands.

We envision a new kind of internet that is in harmony with nature, just like a beautiful garden with different species of plants and wildlife. Mad scientists of the Dat-ecosystem take inspiration from the infinite wisdom of the natural world and experiment with ways to make their systems more resilient, local-first and sustainable.

We are excited to share our recent progress with the world. We will be publishing a series of interviews with the founders of projects in the Dat-ecosystem, giving everyone a glimpse into the exciting world of p2p technology.

Stay tuned, dear reader, for the adventures have only just begun.

Stay connected in this jungle of confusion that we call the internet. With so many changes happening, it's important to have outposts in various places.

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