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Roots to Reach Appeal

We are ready to launch some meaningful new web improvements to support the organic growth of DAF as a self-generated community. Funds raised will cover software licenses, training, the continued service of the Core Team, as well as stipends for members of the Digital CoLab team, who in their partnership with DAF are operating well beyond the time they are compensated for.

The need for Deep Adaption is growing. In less than three years, the DA Forum has welcomed over 15,000 people looking for comfort in the face of current truths. This, during a period when one had to look beyond conventional media to hear reports of decline.
Today, these stories are commonplace. Where will people go? 
Here.  And we - the people of DAF - will welcome them.  But are we ready?
Emotionally? Psychologically? Spiritually? Yes
Technologically? Operationally? No
But we are prepared. Because we are ready to launch some meaningful new web improvements that will support the organic growth of DAF as a self-generated community.  

These exciting developments are possible because of the generosity of a DAF supporter who seeded the effort. Thanks to the efforts and perseverance of the DAF tech support team, and the coordinating function of the Core Team, that seed has sprouted.  Now we must nourish its growth. 

This is where you come in. You are the heartbeat of DAF.  You are the arms that wrap in loving embrace around those who find themselves here.  And by supporting this appeal, you add depth to DAF’s roots, stability to its core and distance to DAF’s reach.
As expressions of gratitude that we have lovingly considered for the joy that is intended with each, please consider giving at one of the following levels and receive as thanks to you:

Branches - £5 - £199

  • Acknowledgement in the October issue of Inside DAF
  • Exclusive link to view the film Gratitude Revealed

Trunks - £200 - £999

  • Branch benefits +
  • DAF postcards - 20 pack - to share DAF love through tactile offline communication!
  • First 10 Trunks receive Surviving the Future - Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy, signed by the editor and friend to DAF, Shaun Chamberlin

Roots - £1000+

  • Branch and Trunk benefits +
  • David Fleming’s beautiful and award-winning Lean Logic, A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It, signed by Fleming’s long-time collaborator Shaun Chamberlin 
  • First five Roots receive the opportunity to attend the Surviving the Future Course at the deeply discounted cost of USD50.  This 8-week on-line course is your opportunity to slow down, pull back, and explore responses among and alongside some of the world’s leading thinkers and doers. This is a USD600 value!

Please give generously today.

Donate now.


Goal £20,000 GBP

Amount raised

£19,074.01 GBP

Still to contribute

£925.99 GBP


55 individuals and 1 organization have contributed to this goal

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Roots to Reach Appeal

£5,150 GBP

Jack Heynen

Roots to Reach Appeal

£2,500 GBP

Terry LePage

Roots to Reach Appeal

£2,170 GBP

Jonathan Gosling

Roots to Reach Appeal

£1,400 GBP

Kathryn Soares


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Sarah Heynen


£1,000 GBP

Catherine Carr

Roots to Reach Appeal

£700 GBP

Sasha Daucus

Roots to Reach Appeal

£617 GBP


Roots to Reach Appeal

£551 GBP

Stephen G Wright

Roots to Reach Appeal

£450 GBP

Cat Jenkins

Roots to Reach Appeal

£373 GBP

Thank you to the IoM Interfaith Group, who dona...

Roger Benson

Roots to Reach Appeal

£264 GBP

£20,000 GBP goal

£19,074.01 GBP raised (95%)