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Cooperative Model for Digital Infrastructure has been archived.

Cooperative Model for Digital Infrastructure has been archived and is no longer active.

Cooperative Model for Digital Infrastructure


Research the structurers, contributions, financial sustainability of open source cooperatives


Transparent and open finances.

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$42,427.29 USD

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How digital infrastructure projects could embrace cooperatives as a sustainable model for working?

Recipient: Jorge Benet (Cooperativa Tierra Común)

Description: Our research will inquire into cooperative organizations working on digital infrastructure in order to obtain a cooperative-specific model for working on digital infrastructure. Cooperatives are essential components of the social economy. As economic and social organizations they may contribute in a unique way to sustain the decentralized development of free and open source software and at the same time, enable close relationships with users and communities. The research results will provide clear and accurate guidelines based on the advantages that cooperatives offer and show how digital infrastructure projects can embrace the proposed model.