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Digital Infrastructure vs Climate Change has been archived.

Digital Infrastructure vs Climate Change has been archived and is no longer active.

Digital Infrastructure vs Climate Change


What makes indegenous open source projects & collectives critical digital infrastructure and how are they supporting traditional communities?


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How is digital infrastructure a critical response to fight climate change?

Recipient: Narrira Lemos de Souza

Description:  The illegal and unsustainable use of logging, agriculture, and cattle raising is directly related to climate change. In view of this, we aim to understand how digital infrastructure can support the local communities affected by these activities. We believe that a collaborative implementation of FOSS projects related to territory mapping and to access to information and communication can constitute a critical step in the defense of the territories of these communities, thus preserving them from activities associated with the increase of global warming. Besides analysing the challenges faced by already existing FOSS projects that work in this direction, we will investigate - by means of a qualitative methodology - the collaborative relationship that can exist between (and inside) the FOSS communities themselves, and between the local communities (mainly environmental defenders) and the FOSS communities. In our vision of success, we hope to create a guideline that serves as a reference for those who want to support FOSS projects that deal with the problems we will investigate.

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