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Creating values based systemic transformation for an egalitarian society in Aotearoa NZ


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“Digital Aotearoa Collective” is a community of open collaboration between diverse and passionate people engaged in systemic transformation. Our mission is to develop civic projects that will reduce injustice and increase wellbeing.

We want great public-digital-infrastructure, services and policies that benefit us all.  We work together on practical ways to help serve and support all people and communities to achieve that. We use information technology to move decisions to local contexts to achieve outcomes and hold governance to account for those outcomes. 

We are currently creating our community intention, v.01, to reflect and represent the Aotearoa NZ context and cultures. Anyone can join, propose projects, collaborate with others, and act to create better futures for everyone.

Digital Aotearoa Collective is influenced by and acknowledges the inspiring efforts in Taiwan, where technologists, designers, storytellers, public servants, activists, companies and social organisations all collaborate on tackling the wicked problems facing society. 

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