Open Collective
Open Collective
Discord.Net v3.2.1
Published on January 31, 2022 by Quin Lynch

This release contains a few bug fixes related to the library itself.


  •  #2055 Add IThreadUser interface (3475bd8) 


  • #2030 Fix logging a TaskCanceledException out of users control (82f3879)
  • #2064 Fix markdown formatting in Glossary (f525131)
  • #2066 Fix Channel Types Attribute (1917961)
  • #2071 Fix attempt to get application info for non-bot tokens (37ada59)
  • #2072 Fix thread member download on create (09eb9fa)
  • #2063 Fix stream position not being zero when uploading files (6dada66)


  •  #2059 Update HttpException to display inner-errors on the HttpException.Message for better debugging (5773b8e)