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Dolphin Emulator


Supporting the development of the Dolphin Emulator project (GameCube/Wii games on PC and Android)


Dolphin is an open source emulator for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii game consoles. It allows playing games developed for these two consoles on other platforms such as PC or mobile devices. Many enhancements are also available to players and tinkerers (high resolution rendering, texture replacement, save states).

This collective page tracks the finances of the Stichting Dolphin Emulator (non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands), whose aim is to support the development of the project by providing infrastructure, hardware, grants, and events organization for the project.


Transparent and open finances.

Added funds #733571
-€116.77 EUR
Reimbursement #185562
-€99.00 EUR
Reimbursement #182036
Today’s balance

€63,041.98 EUR

Total income

€66,096.41 EUR

Total disbursed

€3,054.43 EUR

Estimated annual budget

€23,430.63 EUR