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Today is a Charts day...because my projects are requiring it to be!
Published on August 14, 2020 by Daniel Cothran

Many of my work projects are using Charts. It's helpful to have real-world use cases to find bugs or needed improvements. Finding bugs yourself is sometimes more helpful than when they're identified on because you don't have to interpret the issue description or do any work to replicate the bug. You also have a deadline, which means you can't just put the issue off for a later day (which, despite my best intentions, happens quite often).

If you work on multiple sites that use Charts, as I do, then it's especially rewarding to set aside a day to work on Charts. Because by working on an issue for one project, you can potentially apply your solution to all of your projects.

So today I'm setting aside time to make Charts improvements. Send any issues my way, and I'll try to address those in the course of my work.