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2019 Recording Summary
Published on January 29, 2020 by Kevin Thull

As I prepare to begin the year of recording ahead of me, I realize I haven't published an official 2019 year-end report, so here are last year's highlights:

  • 769 sessions were captured by the initiative, with an overall capture rate of 94.46% (down from 96.12% last year)
  • Of those, 93 were captured by others with either rented kits or a new equipment hub, for an overall capture rate of 79.49% (down from 83.33% last year)
  • Total session captures to date: 2,093 (and every one of them on
  • Kits were shipped to 5 events (up from only 2 last year)
  • The list of trained recording volunteers is up to 26 people with varying levels of experience
  • I learned of at least two non-Drupal events that used the github docs to successfully record their content
  • I traveled to an all-time high of 15 events
  • I recorded DrupalCon Amsterdam...I'll just stop right there