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Open Collective
🌱❤️ Sneak Peek Meet & Greet ! ❤️🌱
Published on March 27, 2023 by Earth Arts

Hi Friends!


Tomorrow evening we are inviting all members and farmers for a sneak peek meet and greet!! Come check out the space and meet the local farmers, growers and makers that your membership will be supporting — from 6-8 pm. Bring a mug for tea if you’d like, we will have an informal mixer to start and Q&A to end the night. 


We’ve been getting a lot of questions about what membership really means, and we’re happy to share that during this incubation period, anyone who joins as a member will enjoy ** 5% off local and organic food per household for life., in addition to other perks like free tea refills and discounts on workshops and events** 
**We are not asking members to do hours at this time, and members who join during this incubation period will never be expected to do hours. **


This is unlike many co-ops which do not offer member sharing per household and often have renewal fees and mandatory labor hours. As a multi stakeholder co-op, consumer members will also have the right to vote at planning meetings, alongside farmer members and worker-owners. Since we are subject to the vote of our members, membership for life per household may not be offered after we incorporate fully and end our fiscal sponsorship incubation period, so join today!! We are still 8 members short of meeting our goal for April, and your support at this time makes a sustainable future possible for the farmers and workers sharing this space and working to bring nutritious local foods to Catskill.


See you tomorrow !! 

~ 🌩
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