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Open Collective
Comember Networks - our new part in 2022
Published on December 22, 2022 by Dana Burch

1.  We received no ($0) investments or funding of any kind in 2022 and we did not use any funds in 2022 in our collective.  We launched our Comember Networks site for more strategic alignment with our key participants and potential investors at a future date. 

2.  Our challenge in 2022 was mainly in the area of recruiting individual members to embed our mission within their own local institutions that in turn would comprise our national ECCE network.  By presenting ECCE's new accountability model  (Comember Networks) we are striving to abstract our cause to a slightly greater degree and thus expand our tent with the purpose of more successful tie-in to our intended institutional allies.

3.  Our key objective for 2023 is to build our institutional partner network.