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If The Bells Would Ring


To further our mission, Ecosystemic is looking to fund and produce written pieces, starting with the play If the Bells Would Ring by Elson Bankoff.


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If the Bells Would Ring is a three act political drama by Elson Bankoff that follows the corruption of a US Senator and the politicization, passivity, and passion surrounding the climate crisis. We’re collaborating with Fridays for Future NYC and the play is set to go up during NYC climate week on Saturday, September 24.

What is the play about?

If the Bells Would Ring is a three-act political drama centering around the passion, resilience, greed, devastation, and causes regarding the climate crisis. The drama is a work of fiction based on true events and incorporates prose and poetry. The plotline follows the expanding career of a fictional Midwestern Senator, Bill Corley, who becomes influenced by corporate greed and lobbying to boost his career. This eventually leads to his intense opposition to climate action. The story explores narratives such as Bill’s daughter Juliet, a passionate young climate activist, as well as Bill’s wife Katherine and their son Walker. Other characters include a T.V. show personality, a lobbyist for a massive oil company, and a young Congresswoman fighting for climate action. Each act follows the same plotline but is distinguished by differing motifs. The first act, The Public, focuses on what we as American and Global citizens see and interpret regarding the politics of the climate crisis. The second act, The Uproar, depicts various reactions to what is seen and done throughout The Public. The final act, The Unseen, provides insight into character motives and frustrations. The Unseen shows in great detail the severity of backroom deals and the troubles that face our earth and democratic system due to corporate lobbying and manipulation of power.

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