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Open Collective
Help us buy supplies for our new southern neighbors (asylum seekers)
Published on June 4, 2023 by Alyssa

Hey everyone!

We're collecting donations to provide aid to asylum seekers who are sleeping on the ground at police stations and staying in temporary shelters. 

Help the Edgewater Mutual Aid Network raise funds so we can continue serving our old and new neighbors! Your contributions will help asylum seekers get food, clothing, medicine, and more. Excess funds will help support our regular work of providing food and paying bills for people who live and work in the Edgewater community of Chicago.

Thank you!
Alyssa from Edgewater Mutual Aid Network

Dann McKeegan

Posted on June 24, 2023

In addition to chipping in cash, I work for a big industrial/commercial distributor and get a big discount with free shipping. Since we have big business customers, the day-to-day immediate stuff in the temporary shelters probably isn't cost-effective compared to Amazon/etc. But at some point if a sentence like "We need 24 new bath towels in 48 hours" or "5 families got temp housing but nothing to cook with or eat on in the kitchen" comes up, hit me up.