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Supporting our Houseless Neighbors
Published on November 24, 2020 by Krishna Kulkarni

Dear supporters and comrades,

Edgewater Mutual Aid (EMA) and the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry (UBFM) have been distributing food/supplies to houseless communities in Chicago since the beginning of the pandemic. This short documentary (6 mins) highlights stories from our houseless neighbors and offers a glimpse at UBFM's work so far - which is far from over.

As we look ahead to a long winter, with surging COVID-19 cases in Chicago and a looming eviction crisis poised to increase houselessness nationally by an estimated 40-45%, UBFM and EMA are redoubling our communal care practices in park benches, underpasses, awnings, alleyways, and other places beyond the scope of institutional options.

Empower our houseless support work by sharing the film with 10 members of your community and asking them to send a donation to Edgewater Mutual Aid on Venmo (@EWmutualaid) with the description "UBFM". As always, we are tremendously appreciative of your continuing solidarity.

-Edgewater Mutual Aid and the Urban Bicycle Food Ministry