Open Collective
Open Collective
Get a Limited Edition Xmas Art Print - and support what we do!
Published on December 9, 2021 by Elswick Mutual Aid

This Christmas, treat your loved ones with the gift of a limited edition print made by Newcastle-based artist Ciara Lenihan, your contribution will go towards the continued running of our activities.

£48 will pay for one week of Fareshare fees.
£70 will pay for one week of fresh fruit and veg wholesale for just over 50 households.

First proof on the drying rack. Ciara will be proofing and editioning over the next two days! Order a Christmas print to help the continuation of our activities. A run of 50 will be produced, a minium of £10 donation is required to get one! Order here!

Even if you can’t contribute yourself, please share so other can.

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Ciara Lenihan is an artist and activist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Their practice explores decolonisation of the body and the self through performance, bilingual writing and moving image. See their work here

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