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Open Collective
Half-Term Pack Lunch Scheme! In excess of 560 meals given out
Published on May 30, 2020 by Elswick Mutual Aid

On Friday we gave out more than 200 lunches!

This means we provided in excess of 560 lunches in total this week! Either picked up from outside the two schools or delivered to the homes of people.

This was 100% self- financed by through donations to this open collective page - no cooking was done by members, fruit, crisps, yogurts, and samosas were bought locally by Elswick mutual aid members.

That from an absolutely standing start when we took a last minute decision to do this at the weekly meeting a week ago!

We managed to offer delicious, filling, and pretty healthy food to a lot of people in the neighbourhood which is a wonderful way to look out for each other.

Thanks all of you who shared the information with people and especially Yaamini, Sajjad, Waheed, Anthony, Chris, David, Chantelle, Olivia, Hannah, Kat, Laura, Katy, Sherene, Elgan, Mwenza, Cath, Kath, Nola, Lindsey, Ann, Maggie, Poppy, Andy, Daniel, Sarah, Luke, Katie, Abby, Loes, Ciara, Mabel, Channel, Rebecca, Salma, Shemol, Heather, Nina and the rest of the Brighton Grove Houseshare Crew, Madina Food Stores, Aldi, and anonymous donors (and others I may have forgotten to mention, sorry)! It's such a joy to organise with you folks!