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Receipt #146604 to Elswick Solidarity Fund

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Reimbursement #146604

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Jun 28, 2023

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Date: June 28, 2023
£30.00 GBP

Total amount £30.00 GBP

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Elswick Solidarity Fund@elswicksolidarityfund
£191.31 GBP

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By Elswick Mutual Aidon
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Expense Amount: £30.00
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Net Amount for Elswick Mutual Aid: £30.00

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£191.31 GBP

Fiscal Host
Food & Solidarity

Expense policies

The Elswick Solidarity fund aims to redistribute funds within Elswick and the west end while providing material assistance to residents who are facing financial hardship. This fund can be used for anything, there is neither judgement nor is there an obligation to pay back the money. This is run in direct accordance with principles of mutual aid - “from each according to their ability, to each according to their need”.

If you donate to this fund, you will be donating in that spirit.

You can apply for funds of up to £30 per application, applications can be made once a month. The fund will be payout when there are funds available. You must live in the Arthurs Hill, Elswick, Benwell/Scotswood area.

Please just submit here.

1) First name
2) Initial of surname
3) A recent proof of address (this will not be publicly viewable)

NB. Bank account details need to match other details.

If you are homeless and/or do not have a fixed postcode or do not wish to submit a proof of address, please get in touch [email protected] or 07393101018 (we will return text or return missed calls) - 

Not having a way of proving your address is not a barrier to accessing the fund, but due to restrictions on how the fund is administered by the fiscal host we would have to give grants differently and this will take longer to administer

The fund does not release fund every day, you might have to wait to receive the grant. Please take this into account when you apply for funds, as they are very unlikely to be released immediately.

Members of Food and Solidarity who are in arrears will be given priority

Aspects of the fund will be reviewed in an ongoing fashion - decisions on changes to the fund or this expense policy will be made by consensus in meetings open to all members of the community. Open collective's full privacy policy can be found here:


How do I get paid from a Collective?
Submit an expense and provide your payment information.
How are expenses approved?
Collective admins are notified when an expense is submitted, and they can approve or reject it.
Is my private data made public?
No. Only the expense amount and description are public. Attachments, payment info, emails and addresses are only visible to you and the admins.
When will I get paid?
Payments are processed by the Collective's Fiscal Host, the organization that hold funds on their behalf. Many Fiscal Hosts pay expenses weekly, but each one is different.
Why do you need my legal name?
The display name is public and the legal name is private, appearing on receipts, invoices, and other official documentation used for tax and accounting purposes.

Collective balance

£191.31 GBP

Fiscal Host:

Food & Solidarity